Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Family Day!

Last week, our company celebrated what we call Family Day. All it's employees together with their two family members are invited to see RiverMaya and Bamboo's concert at the Araneta Colliseum. I'm really looking forward for free call center perks that our company gives us once in a while to reward us of our hard work.Though I had a shift the day before the event, I still went to the said concert and gave one of my
tickets to my dear friend Jonjon, my bestfriend Mamu's partner. I won;t miss this kind of call center even for anything else. This would be the first time I’ll gonna attend such occasion so I’m kind’a excited.

 We arrived at Araneta around 5 pm, I met my friend Melai at the entrance hall and she brought her mom and her cousin. We came in at around 5:15 pm and the concert hall was not even half filled. The concert started at around 6pm just in time for Jonjon's arrival. This is the first time I've seen the new vocalist of Rivermaya named Jason, they sang their hit songs from the past such as "You'll Be Safe Here" and "214". Bamboo is also great and sang his hit song "Hallelujah" and "Pinoy Ako". Though I am really not familiar with most of his songs, I really had a nice time as we joke around most of the time. The concert ended at around 7:30 just in time for our next shift at 9 PM. I really enjoyed this day and is looking forward for more call center events such as this one.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Ever Team KamiKC Team Building

Yes! We had our first ever team building at Hacienda Darasa in Tanauan City, Batangas. We really enjoyed our stay and I never thought it would be this fun! We didn't know that today is the official town fiesta of Tanauan so it took us about two tiring hours to get to the destination.It's not very far from Manila but the traffic is terrible. We saw how the typical town like Tanauan Batangas celebrates their town fiesta. The typical town combo, the numerous vendors selling all kinds of stuff such as colored chicks, iced candy, children's toys, balloons and the like. They also put up a small tiangge and a mini carnival for the tourists. Though it's a very long ride to our destination, I had a good sleep. I was able to prepare myself for a looong day ahead.

We came to our actual destination at around 11 am. The staff already prepared our hot sopas supposedly for our lunch and since it's almost lunch time, they also had prepared our lunch. Since this is the first time our team had hang out together...we can still feel the akwardness in the air. We had no clue that this would just be the beginning of a fun experience.

We had a short siesta and we also had our picture taking in the afternoon. We also swam for about an hour before we had our merienda served at around 4pm. We girls also played Pinay Henya and we really had a blast. Dinner was served at around 6pm and after that...inuman na! Dito na nagsimula ang lahat.

They purchased 5 bottles of the bar and ten pcs of tang strawberry. I was the one in charged of mixing our drinks. At first I admit, there has been a lot of dead air. But because of one question na "what do you think is the one thing that you do which is out of the ordinary" ayun, naglabasan na ang mga tinatago. All of us needs to tell something and whenever one says his piece, sobrang dami nang lait at side comments ang maririnig which makes it more fun. The star of the night is my bestfriend Melai who sang, danced and made faces that almost made all of us teary eyed because of so much laughter. We also drank Jaggermeifer drink which was brought by Chi and sobrang bangenge na kami lahat. We run out of liquor so we all decided to just call it a day...not knowing, susunod pa pala ang mga boys sa room ng mga girls and sobrang laitan at tawanan na naman ang naganap. They even shot so many pictures na sobrang nakakatawa ang kinalabasan.

All in all, this is one of the best team buildings I ever attended. Just like the one we had in Pansol when we had our first ever team building with Team Paul. I know this is just the beginning of a very tight friendship among our teammates. It's nice to know that I am with nice and friendly teammates until the end of my stay with the company next year. Thank You Lord for giving me new friends in Team KamiKC.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

One Day Off

Well, it's my day off! At last! But I only got one as I already had a three day off last week. So far so good. Just saw the movie "The Last Exorcism" but I really didn't like it at all. It's so boring and it really is not what I am expecting for a horror movie - especially that it covers a very broad and serious topic of exorcism. If you are planning to watch this movie, I advice you to make sure you did not come from the night shift because you will definitely get sleepy with the story. It's not that interesting at all. Boring and the plot is very confusing.

Anyways, I just slept the whole day. I enjoyed a home cooked adobo and got reunited with my bed and pillows. Got up at around 12:30 PM and started working on my blogs. Finished three tasks today while watching again the "Illuminati" documentary I recenty found in google video. It's a mind blowing documentary regarding the elite society that plans to take over the world. I would strongly recommend each and everyone to watch this vid as this would definitely open our eyes to our current world situation. I pray God would open our hearts and minds and help us fully understand what it is all about and give us convictions on what we need to do to be ready in the upcoming battle. God bless everyone!

here's the illuminati video, disturbing but true:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Three Months of Silence

Oh my! I can't believe the last time I posted something in here was three months ago! I got so busy with a lot of things and my mind was occupied with some useless crap so I got no chance of at least take a peek on this site. Anyways, I already have all the time and the world and already have a cellphone with built in planner so as to make sure my blogging tasks is always completed at the end of the day. I promise myself to write at least two articles a day and two reviews daily. I just wish my mind and my body can cope up with it.

Anyways a lot of things happened within the span of three months. Our team got dispersed but I'm happy that majority of us is in one team. My office partner Ice and I are still together so everything should still be the same as it was before. I couldn't believe my ears when I've found out that our former Quality Specialist KC would be our new TL. I'm so happy because we already know him and we know that we're in good hands.

Just earlier today, I've found out that my friend and former teammate Lenlen had already resigned. Though we already know her plans of leaving a month before, I still can't help myself but cry when I finally heard the news. She has been my seatmate for the last three months and I would surely miss our kwentuhan, tawanan and lakaran. One consolation though, I can still see her in Gold's gym and we can still bond while working out.

Those were the majority of what happened in my call center life for the past three months. I hope I could give you an update at least twice a week of what's going on in my life as a call center girl.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hello everyone! It’s been a long week for me as I just recently had a six day schedule last week. It’s really tiring but it’s good that I also had an early schedule which means I can go home earlier than the rest of my teammates. I love the feeling of having to log out my avaya ahead of everyone else. Anyways, on April 10, I will be celebrating my 3.5 years in my current job which means I only need to endure the next 1.5 years! Yahoo! I’m really so excited on what life has to offer me after cvg. I feel that I would be able to enjoy my life more, serve God more and fulfill my life purpose. I need to fulfill that deeper calling and I need to make sure I can also take care of my family at the same time. In as much as I want to quit now and start another life, I can’t as I still need to save to make sure we’ll be able to survive that kind of life. I still need to manage this kind of line, anyways, I still have a number of stress relievers in my life.This is most likely what will happen after I got my retirement pay. I would rest for about three months doing things I would really love. I would test the waters of being a fulltime blogger – if everything works great and this online job of mine can support my family and my life purpose…I would definitely settle on it. But just in case, worse comes to worst, I guess I would just take a part time job being a tech support agent having to only spend four or five hours a day so I could still find time working online. I would really love having some social life as well so I guess even if things works fine with my online venture, I think I still want to work at least part time to save my sanity, LOL. My heart is joyful and I know that God placed this passion and desires in my heart to succeed In this life and to do my life purpose. Lord I pray that you continue to lead me to the way of righteousness and please continue to be with me on this life journey. Amen.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Home Office

Since I've learned about SEO stuff and some tricks on how to increase my online income, the thought of putting up a small home office never left my mind. It would be nice to work at home in front of my computer with 24 monitor sitting in comfy chair in front of a big computer table. I hope I can save some money the soonest possible time so my plans could materialize.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Mini Birthday Bash

I'm so happy that most of my call center teammates was able to make it to my mini birthday bash. I really love this call center adventures I'm in right now. It is really a quick preparation as I just decided finally to cook some food. My dad came as early as 6am to help my hubby buy the ingredients at the nearby Munoz Market and they got here at around 7:30 am. My friends will be coming over at around 10 am so we only have around 2.5 hours to cook afritada, tokwat baboy, chopseuy, pancit bijon, lumpiang shanghai and maja blanca. Phew! Melai came at around 8 am to help us out. I really got into panic mode when I saw that clock which says we only have one hour to cook three more dishes. Waaahh, hindi pa ayos ang videoke at ang sala!

Good thing, Melai helped us prepare and cut the vegetables, Jojo was fast enough to handle multiple tasks and my ever faithful father is so cool and never show any trace of panic in his face. The first batch of visitors which are mostly my teammates came at around 11 am na, thank you Lord! They gave me their gifts and even brought a red ribbon cake! Yahoo! So generous of them promise....

the second batch of visitors came at around 3 pm which comprises of my three xmen friends mhel, mamu and jonjon. I'm overwhelmed especially when I saw my bestfriend Mamu. I know they won't dare to miss my birthday. Videoke to the max followed...

and last but not the least, here's my third batch of visitors...pipa, jet and mareng odette. Pipa and Odette are my high school buddies and common friends namin sila ng hubby ko as Jojo was their college classmate. Jet is Pipa's partner in life. I'm so happy they made it kahit na 8 pm na yun. They completed my birthday bash...

Lord thank you for showering my life with beautiful people who loves me. I cant ask for more Jesus. In my 30th year of existence here on earth...let me pledge my life for you. May the remaining years I have in this body do nothing but only glorify your holy name. Lord make me an instrument so I can reach out to others and let them know that you are a God who loves them and is always eager to be with them. Lord make me a servant on this time forth onwards and help me share what you have blessed me with. Amen.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Decided to Stay Still

There are a lot of things that's happening in the office right now...and most of them are really not good. Most of us can't handle the stress anymore. The que is unbelievable, seems like the management only thinks of the complany's profit more than their employees, the scorecard keeps on getting tougher and tougher for us to pass... and as a result of it, many decided to just shift companies. My office mates are applying for the same position in a different company and they are five of them! If they would all be hired, only around 10 of us
would be left in the team out of 15. That would be very sad if it would happen. I still am decided to stay for the next one year and 9 months...till' I had my five year in service and I'm outta here. I just need to be financially stable till' I can manage to put up my own business, have a part time job and concentrate on my online job. I just need to focus and not be affected by what's happening in the office. My situation is different from theirs so I need to stand still and just aim for my own goal. Help me ,God.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Never Forget A Name

Hey everyone! At last, it's my restday and I am now ready to blog my night away. haha. Anyways, I will share to you what I have read in a magazine. You know, I have this thing for fashion and educational magazines. I want to read those magazines that would give me tips and advises on how to organize my life and how to improve my overall personality... and I think of sharing this with you.

It's about how to be more of a people person and to how to gain more friends. This should be the things that we should remember when were being introduced to another person.

Shake hands.
Address the person you’re being introduced to by shaking their hand and saying their name out loud. Initiating contracts this way makes it easier to commit then name to memory.

Pay attention when the person tells you his or her name. If you didn’t hear it well, ask him or her to repeat it. Looking at them speak creates a visual memory to attach to the name.

Repeat the name for retention.
Make a conscious effort to call the person by his or her name when talking to them. “Peter, what’s your opinion on this?” or “So, how was your vacation, Shella?”

I would need to memorize these three simple things by heart.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Counting My Blessings

I was'nt able to post any new entries for the past couple of weeks because my sister who just came home last December 20th with her hubby and daughter was the one using this computer. I am always using my laptop for browsing but my globe tatoo is just unbelievable. It takes about five minutes before I could pull up a page - the only thing I could pull up in a snap is Yahoo Messenger. Anyways, I am so happy that I was able to buy my small pink laptop. I intend to use it for blogging purposes and would serve as my memory bank especially when I am so tired from work and I can't force myself to get up my bed and post an entry through my desktop which is located at the living room. I purchased it for only 7 thousand pesos through an online store.

It's a the small ASUS EEPC 701 pink netbook that is so handy it could fit in my office handbag. I love it! I also was able to buy the MP5 player I've been dying to get but due to financial restrictions, it took me three months to purchase it. If not because of my 13th month pay and my SSS loan, I know I won't be able to buy these things which will serve as a Christmas gift for myself. Thank you Lord for all of these things and for financial blessings you've showered me before the end of 2009. To you be the glory Jesus and I hope and pray that the year 2010 would be a good year for all of us. Amen!

my small pink laptop, a Christmas present for myself...

this would be a constant blogging companion from now on

my 4GB MP5 player... this is also my constant companion at the sleeping quarters

thank you Lord for these gifts! Amen.