Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Family Day!

Last week, our company celebrated what we call Family Day. All it's employees together with their two family members are invited to see RiverMaya and Bamboo's concert at the Araneta Colliseum. I'm really looking forward for free call center perks that our company gives us once in a while to reward us of our hard work.Though I had a shift the day before the event, I still went to the said concert and gave one of my
tickets to my dear friend Jonjon, my bestfriend Mamu's partner. I won;t miss this kind of call center even for anything else. This would be the first time I’ll gonna attend such occasion so I’m kind’a excited.

 We arrived at Araneta around 5 pm, I met my friend Melai at the entrance hall and she brought her mom and her cousin. We came in at around 5:15 pm and the concert hall was not even half filled. The concert started at around 6pm just in time for Jonjon's arrival. This is the first time I've seen the new vocalist of Rivermaya named Jason, they sang their hit songs from the past such as "You'll Be Safe Here" and "214". Bamboo is also great and sang his hit song "Hallelujah" and "Pinoy Ako". Though I am really not familiar with most of his songs, I really had a nice time as we joke around most of the time. The concert ended at around 7:30 just in time for our next shift at 9 PM. I really enjoyed this day and is looking forward for more call center events such as this one.