Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How It All Began

Just last month, my bestfriend Melai's fiance finally made it in Manila. I was so happy to be able to witness this wonderful love story. I can still remember how Melai once shared to me her eagerness to find his prince charming by signing up to the best dating sites available on the internet, until she was able to mee Josef, a Slovak gentleman currently residing in Ireland. This is how it all began, the dating site Melai used have several dating site features browsing singles, seeing who's viewed your profile, ending "winks" and sending and receiving emails. She saw this cute guy and she checked his profile. Josef then saw that Melai looked into his profile and seems interested in him. He then began sending her emails. They chat as often as they can. Melai would normally sleep only for like two to three hours just to chat with Josef as they are living in different timezones. Josef would sometimes need to be absent for work just to talk to Melai during her rest day. They seem not to get enough of each other. That's how in love they were...and the rest is history. Through time, they've developed a plan to meet each other and that meeting finally happened last February.

They started chatting and in just about a year, Josef decided to visit Melai here in Manila. It was indeed a love story made in heaven. He is a chef in a restaurant and she is a call center agent. Who would have thought that two creatures who came from different parts of the world would meet and fell in love very quickly. They are planning to tie the knot next year. I can't be happier for Melai. They really deserve each other as both are warm hearted and very giving people. And it all started because of the wonders of modern technology.