Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Sister's Vacation

My sister Ems just recently buzzed me through chat saying she and her family will be coming home next week. I got really excited because its been a year now since the last time they visited our place. She is a nurse working abroad. We chatted for almost an hour as she is instructing me on what to do and what to buy for their entire stay. Groceries, linens and DVDs are some of the things I need to prepare before they come. Of course I also need to buy her a gift since I wasn't able to send her one one on her birthday last week. Since my sister is a very dedicated nurse, I've decided to giver her one of those colorful nursing uniform I've seen online. There are a lot of options to choose from but I prefer those colorful ones as it would definitely match her personality. I can now imagine how happy she would be once she receive this gift of mine. To just share with you, I've found those nice nursing scrubs here at - the maker of the most fashionable medical srubs. If you know someone who works in a medical industry and is having a hard time thinking of what gifts to give, then this site would be the perfect site for you. They do sell out highly quality medical scrubs, dental office uniforms, and other forms of medical uniforms. This site is definitely a medical uniform haven. Check on for more nice and cheap scrubs available.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Best Online Dating Site

I've never been a fan of online dating site until my bestfriend/officemate Melai had found the love of her life through it. Their love story began when my friend Melai had signed up to an online dating site. Well, she really don't intend to have a serious relationship through the net. She also thought there is no such things as cyber love. She had so many guy chatmates, almost with all the nationalities in the world. All are just flings until she met Josef, a Slovak guy living in Ireland. She knew when she speaks with Josef, she never have to pretend. She can always be herself and Josef will still like her. He is the type of guy who accepts Melai for who she are. And guess what, just two months ago...Josef have found a way to visit her here. It was so unexpected and Melai didn't know that the Josef will stay true to his words. He proposed to her on his two week visit here in Manila and promised to marry her come next year. Now I know that not all dating sites are just a waste of time, I just need to look for the best sites for online dating site that Melai signed up for. Maybe next time it would be my turn to meet my prince charming. When I've found him, I'll let you know.