Sunday, May 31, 2009

Introducing: PAUL'S TEETH

Hi everyone! I would like to introduce to you our team - PAUL'S PROPHETS! Actually, it's really not the "formal" name of our team. Our TL hates that name! Hahaha! But he can't do anything about it as majority of us decided to use that name for our team. This picture was taken at Chef De Angelo in Robinson's Galleria. It's a very rare chance for us to spend time with our TL out of the office for some reasons we do understand. Let me introduce my teammates aka dabarkads: Clockwise: Sam, Ice, Me, Melai, Mitch, Imee, Mamu, Dianne and our TL Paul. It's been a tradition on our team that we would spend lunch with each other every after payday and I am happy that our TL was able to make it this time. I am looking forward for more bonding moments with Paul's Teeth!

A Change Of Heart - An Introduction

Believe me, I promised myself I will never work in a call center after I resigned from my previous local call center job. The experience I had from that company was so tragic that I can't help but smile just thinking I am already out of the company. Well, don't get me wrong. I love the company, it's the biggest telecommunications company in the Philippines today and the compensations are superb! I am proud being a part of that company and I will always will. But - it's the job I hate! I don't know, it's not the job I thought it would be. I resigned from my first job (though my Supervisor already offered a me a TL position) because I thought it would be better for me to work in a different company with a different job description and not the routinary paperwork job that I used to have...but my dream of getting a better job had turned into dismay and I can't recall a day in which I did'nt wish to resign. I really felt that I am not mentally challenged with the job and I told myself that I will not go back in the call center industry...but here I am. Almost 3 years working as a tech support in one of the leading call center company here in the Philippines. Why? Well, I would have to let you see for yourself. I would let you take a peek through my daily experiences with the company, with my co workers, with my superiors... and hopefully through that - you will find the answer why I am still working as a call center girl and why I again took the job I once dreaded so much.