Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Change Of Heart - An Introduction

Believe me, I promised myself I will never work in a call center after I resigned from my previous local call center job. The experience I had from that company was so tragic that I can't help but smile just thinking I am already out of the company. Well, don't get me wrong. I love the company, it's the biggest telecommunications company in the Philippines today and the compensations are superb! I am proud being a part of that company and I will always will. But - it's the job I hate! I don't know, it's not the job I thought it would be. I resigned from my first job (though my Supervisor already offered a me a TL position) because I thought it would be better for me to work in a different company with a different job description and not the routinary paperwork job that I used to have...but my dream of getting a better job had turned into dismay and I can't recall a day in which I did'nt wish to resign. I really felt that I am not mentally challenged with the job and I told myself that I will not go back in the call center industry...but here I am. Almost 3 years working as a tech support in one of the leading call center company here in the Philippines. Why? Well, I would have to let you see for yourself. I would let you take a peek through my daily experiences with the company, with my co workers, with my superiors... and hopefully through that - you will find the answer why I am still working as a call center girl and why I again took the job I once dreaded so much.



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