Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hello everyone! It’s been a long week for me as I just recently had a six day schedule last week. It’s really tiring but it’s good that I also had an early schedule which means I can go home earlier than the rest of my teammates. I love the feeling of having to log out my avaya ahead of everyone else. Anyways, on April 10, I will be celebrating my 3.5 years in my current job which means I only need to endure the next 1.5 years! Yahoo! I’m really so excited on what life has to offer me after cvg. I feel that I would be able to enjoy my life more, serve God more and fulfill my life purpose. I need to fulfill that deeper calling and I need to make sure I can also take care of my family at the same time. In as much as I want to quit now and start another life, I can’t as I still need to save to make sure we’ll be able to survive that kind of life. I still need to manage this kind of line, anyways, I still have a number of stress relievers in my life.This is most likely what will happen after I got my retirement pay. I would rest for about three months doing things I would really love. I would test the waters of being a fulltime blogger – if everything works great and this online job of mine can support my family and my life purpose…I would definitely settle on it. But just in case, worse comes to worst, I guess I would just take a part time job being a tech support agent having to only spend four or five hours a day so I could still find time working online. I would really love having some social life as well so I guess even if things works fine with my online venture, I think I still want to work at least part time to save my sanity, LOL. My heart is joyful and I know that God placed this passion and desires in my heart to succeed In this life and to do my life purpose. Lord I pray that you continue to lead me to the way of righteousness and please continue to be with me on this life journey. Amen.