Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Stress Relievers

Lately, me and my friends are discussing about how to relieve stress. My friend Ice finds happiness through "facebook". After our shift, she would normally log on to facebook through her celphone so she would still be updated by the latest chicka even she's on the bus on the way home. Another friend Melai, finds "tagged" enjoyable and never fails to log on to it and chat with her prospects. LOL. So I think to myself, what are the things that usually do after my shift which makes me forget about work and helps me relax? Haha! I think I have three in my list. Just recently, I again got into the habbit of reading books. Right after I changed clothes from my office attire to "pambahay" - I would normally lie down in bed and read a book for about an hour. Pampaantok lang. Right after that I would take a one hour nap. I normally go home at around 9 am so I'm usually awake at around 11 am. Lunch is usually served at 12 and while eating our lunch, we would normally watch my favorite telenovela "Miss No Good". Yup, after HOUSE series, we again are hooked up to koreanovela and this time, its a feel good one and watching Miss No Good would be the second in my stress reliever list. Lunch would be my bonding time with my hubby , you will always find us laughing and enjoying our lunch in front of the television while watching our favorite tv series. Right after lunch, around 12:30 pm...I would normally log on to my computer to work for my blogs. I work online as well so it would take about an hour and a half of my time. At around 2 PM, I with my hubby would have our Bible Reading right before I sleep. That would take the third slot of my list. Reading the bible, a verse or two everyday with my love one is the greatest stress reliever I have. Discussing God's word, talking to each other about what God wants us to do and just feeling God's presence is a great feeling. Makes me feel I am doing the right thing. We would normally ask God for what direction He wants us to take and ask for guidance so we could do whatever things that would please Him.

This is what I usually do during weekdays right after my shift. These things helps me keep my sanity in tact. Haha. How about you? How do you fight stress?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Balancing Work and Family

By: Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero

Importante sa buhay natin ang ating pamilya at trabaho. Sila ang nagbibigay sa atin ng dahilan upang tayo’y magsumikap sa ating gawain. Ngunit madalas, nahihirapan tayong balansehin ang dalawang aspetong itong ating buhay.

Work and family are often opposite forces: the difficulty of your work sometimes spreads into family life. At the same time, duties at home create problems in doing well at your job.

Balancing work and family roles can be tough. Sometimes you think there’s no other option but to serve both. Ngunit may mga pagkakataon kung saan hindi nagtutugma ang mga tungkulin natin. For instance, we may think of ways to increase our family’s finances during office hours – this affects our work productivity. It is important to remember that our family should be our motivation rather than a distraction. And, on the other hand, our job should provide the resources we need to support our family.

Attitudes and expectations are important in dealing with work-family issues. A lot of times, these form ideas about the way things should be done. Many of us have high expectations and we try to be perfect. But, even “supermen” or “superwomen” can burn out and become irritable. We need to understand that sometimes the more we want to be superheroes, the more our responsibilities are affected.

Setting priorities and effective time management is key in balancing work and family roles. Sometimes we do things right but we don’t do the right things. Minsan, hindi na tayo nakakapagplano ng mga gawain na makatutulong sa pag-abot ng ating mga pangarap.

The ability to quickly switch roles and knowing what it means to be in control are good talents to master. Many times we feel we have more control if we do everything ourselves. However, this can keep us from reaching our real goals; a lot of times, the best way to be effective is to let go of one role when you’re doing the other. This way you’ll be focused on whatever you’re doing.

Think about dividing work to accomplish your priorities. Let go of your superhero thinking and understand that no matter how much you try to do both things at the same time, you can never do it effectively.

Allocate time for both roles and know your boundaries – you might be allotting most of your time for your work but your relationship with your family is suffering. Balance things out and weigh your priorities.