Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Finally Got My Loan

After almost two months of going to and fro HR office to verify if my SSS Loan cheque has already been delivered… I finally got it today! Yahoo! After those eerie times I got mad and offended by the hr representative’s unprofessional remarks and unfriendly answer to my inquiries – I can now freely say I will never set my foot on their office again unless it’s deemed necessary. I am a type of person who would avoid conflict as much as I can. What’s strange is that just earlier today, I approached the hr representative asking her if they already got a cheque for me and surprisingly…she was very accommodating! That was the first time I saw her smile and she even throw a joke on me. She said I'm lucky to get a two month SSS Salary Loan . The conversation was very light and she even told me that I am lucky since SSS did not deduct a transaction fee from my loan. She gave a slight remark saying I need to give her “pasalubong” as I said I would be using the money for my vacation spree. She is soooo makapal as in. After treating me very badly before…she would ask for a "pasalubong" just because my loan has already been approved? If only she was kind and patient towards me before…I might give in to her request. I would be the one to initiate giving her a simple token of appreciation because of her help…but from what I’ve experienced with her??? NO WAY! I am just so happy that not only will I would have my own money saved in the bank in preparation for my retirement … we also got a start up capital for our business…most importantly, I won’t have to go to HR anymore . Thank you Lord for all of these blessings. I hope I could repay my SSS Salary Loan Call Center edition. I hope I could also be a blessing to others as well. Amen.