Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Ever Team KamiKC Team Building

Yes! We had our first ever team building at Hacienda Darasa in Tanauan City, Batangas. We really enjoyed our stay and I never thought it would be this fun! We didn't know that today is the official town fiesta of Tanauan so it took us about two tiring hours to get to the destination.It's not very far from Manila but the traffic is terrible. We saw how the typical town like Tanauan Batangas celebrates their town fiesta. The typical town combo, the numerous vendors selling all kinds of stuff such as colored chicks, iced candy, children's toys, balloons and the like. They also put up a small tiangge and a mini carnival for the tourists. Though it's a very long ride to our destination, I had a good sleep. I was able to prepare myself for a looong day ahead.

We came to our actual destination at around 11 am. The staff already prepared our hot sopas supposedly for our lunch and since it's almost lunch time, they also had prepared our lunch. Since this is the first time our team had hang out together...we can still feel the akwardness in the air. We had no clue that this would just be the beginning of a fun experience.

We had a short siesta and we also had our picture taking in the afternoon. We also swam for about an hour before we had our merienda served at around 4pm. We girls also played Pinay Henya and we really had a blast. Dinner was served at around 6pm and after that...inuman na! Dito na nagsimula ang lahat.

They purchased 5 bottles of the bar and ten pcs of tang strawberry. I was the one in charged of mixing our drinks. At first I admit, there has been a lot of dead air. But because of one question na "what do you think is the one thing that you do which is out of the ordinary" ayun, naglabasan na ang mga tinatago. All of us needs to tell something and whenever one says his piece, sobrang dami nang lait at side comments ang maririnig which makes it more fun. The star of the night is my bestfriend Melai who sang, danced and made faces that almost made all of us teary eyed because of so much laughter. We also drank Jaggermeifer drink which was brought by Chi and sobrang bangenge na kami lahat. We run out of liquor so we all decided to just call it a day...not knowing, susunod pa pala ang mga boys sa room ng mga girls and sobrang laitan at tawanan na naman ang naganap. They even shot so many pictures na sobrang nakakatawa ang kinalabasan.

All in all, this is one of the best team buildings I ever attended. Just like the one we had in Pansol when we had our first ever team building with Team Paul. I know this is just the beginning of a very tight friendship among our teammates. It's nice to know that I am with nice and friendly teammates until the end of my stay with the company next year. Thank You Lord for giving me new friends in Team KamiKC.


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