Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Decided to Stay Still

There are a lot of things that's happening in the office right now...and most of them are really not good. Most of us can't handle the stress anymore. The que is unbelievable, seems like the management only thinks of the complany's profit more than their employees, the scorecard keeps on getting tougher and tougher for us to pass... and as a result of it, many decided to just shift companies. My office mates are applying for the same position in a different company and they are five of them! If they would all be hired, only around 10 of us
would be left in the team out of 15. That would be very sad if it would happen. I still am decided to stay for the next one year and 9 months...till' I had my five year in service and I'm outta here. I just need to be financially stable till' I can manage to put up my own business, have a part time job and concentrate on my online job. I just need to focus and not be affected by what's happening in the office. My situation is different from theirs so I need to stand still and just aim for my own goal. Help me ,God.


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