Friday, February 24, 2012

Annual Appraisal

Yesterday we had our annual salary appraisal. It's a monumental event for all of us because we will be appraised and will be judged according to our performance. The higher the rating, the higher your salary increase will become. When my supervisor coached me about my performance, I am really anticipating a high rating. I only failed two scorecards so I feel I would get at least a ten percent appraisal. To my dismay, I only got 5%. Well, he said it's because somehow, we are having issues with the budget and that the highest rating anyone could get in our cluster would be 6%. To be honest with you, though I'm really grateful, I feel I deserve more. Maybe I feel the pressure of getting a higher salary because I now would be paying the amortization of my new house. Oh well, 5% of my current salary is not low at all. Maybe I just expected too much. At least my salary is still a thousand less of the ceiling salary of a senior specialist so I guess I can live with it.


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