Monday, November 9, 2009

SSS Salary Loan Application

For almost one and a half month now, I am still waiting for my SSS Salary Loan. I paid my remaining salary loan balance of P2500 just to have the chance to reapply for such loan again which we will be needing to put up a small business. I've passed all the necessary requirements to our HR group on October 1 and till now, I still don't have any clue if it has been approved or not. Okey lang sana kung accommodating yung HR namin kaso ang tatamad na - ang tataray pa! Sorry for my words pero sobrang pissed na talaga ako sa kanila to the point na ayaw ko nang ifollow up yung loan ko because I would need to transact with them again. They don't give out clear answers and they would really make it obvious to you that they are annoyed that you need to follow it up to them every week. One more thing that bothers me is that when I logged on to the SSS website, I saw that I am till not eligible to renew my loan because first, I still have a remaining balance for my previous loan which is more than P500 and second, I do have a temporary SSS number. As I told you earlier, I already paid in full. I personally went to SSS Pasig branch to pay for it and I still have the receipt for that. Second, why would they tag my SSS number as temporary when I already had the chance to avail of their salary loan before? So I hurriedly called their SSS Hotline, thank God I was able to get a working SSS number through a facebook forumn, and I was able to verify from their call center agent that my payment of P2500 is not yet seen in their database and that my SSS number is indeed just a temporary one. She told me to go to SSS Makati to show my payment receipt so they could update it immediately and to also present my birth certificate so they could verify my identity and so that they could give me a more permanent SSS number. It' really a pain in the ass. After waiting for almost a month now...those are the answers that I would get? And what's worse is that, I am the one who've found answers to my questions. I am worried for those people who do not have the resources and the knowledge to inquire about their application... their long wait will be put into vain. What if they don't have an internet access and a would they know the status of their loan application?

The representative told me that I first need to show my birth certificate and they will work on my temporary number (which would by the way take about two weeks) and only after they've given me a permanent number could I apply for a salary loan which would take about a month to process. I don't know if I would still push through with my application. It should've been for my hubby's small business and he is looking forward to it for the longest time now. I don't know if I would cry or would just be thankful that God did not allow me to get such loan as he knows our business won't succeed, maybe it's a sign. I don't know clearly what I would do. Will update you with what my decision will be on my next posts. I just need to vent out my bad feelings against my company's HR and the SSS process itself but I know that this too shall pass.


Crayons n Pencils said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my site.

Oh, but the angst and woes of HR Department! You would even think that these people wouldn't exist if not for the agents! For SSS, by secondhand experience, the contributions and payments really do take time to appear on their databases. Reminds me of my Smartbro. No matter how much they advertise that it's a fast service, come on now, there's no such thing as a fast technology especially if a lot of people is using the same portal, it's about the ration of the "traffic" unless they are serving Burger McDo(no ice please)! Another thing is that, from what I know, the company doesn't exactly pay it up upon deduction from your salary, it stays with them and it is used for other purposes (like stocks exchange). I don't know if you were told that they remit your payment to SSS, I think quarterly is what they do. Just keep your receipts handy and in a safe place.

It will also be more advisable if you're still interested in talking to the HR Department on when they remit the SSS contributions, that way you will know if there's something going on. It is always best to ask around.

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