Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Galore

Hello guys! Happy Halloween to everyone! I don't know if I'll be happy that I don't have a shift tonight because today is All Saint's Day and since it's a special non-working holiday... everyone who works on this day should be receiving 30% more of their usual pay. Sayang! But it's least I could watch a horror film later. nyahaha! Actually, I am currently buffering one from The title is Futago, a Hongkong horror film and though I really don't know the meaning of the title itself, I got curious because of the picture associated with it. I also have read a simple description of the movie plus the positive comments of the viewer on the site got me interested. Here's the picture I'm talking about and a brief description of the'nt it interesting???

The tenants of a seedy rooming house in Hong Kong think they're seeing a vengeful ghost when a strange girl arrives claiming to be the twin sister of a missing occupant.
The tenants begin to die one by one, and the detective investigating their apparent suicides discovers that whatever karma people give out comes back to them . .


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