Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Call Center Prank

I stumbled upon this video from the Facebook page of my officemate and just to be honest with you...I felt bad. First, because I feel bad for the caller and secondly, I know this is not a usual scenario in a call center. We do value our customers and we don't usually make a practical joke with them because we try to be as professional as possible. It breaks my heart to see anybody degrading our profession by making prank jokes with their caller. I do value my job, I find dignity on it. It's the sole source of my income. It gives me a comfortable life and I was able to help my family because of it. I really feel bad knowing one person can change the perception of so many people about how call center operates.

I admit, at first I thought it was funny. Imagine a Filipino call center agent asking five bogus security questions to an American client such as "how many bones do you have?", "who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?" and "what is the biggest bird?" Good thing about the call is that the caller is not irate at all. He just laughed about it and didn't paid much attention to the questions. But then again, it's a NO-NO for call center agents to make such jokes even if the caller didn't mind. Some call centers also doesn't allow any electronic devices on the floor. I bet this agent would be given a disciplinary action if not terminated. I hope our US clients won't take this instance against us - call center professionals.


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