Sunday, May 15, 2011

One Happy Call Center Gal

I'm just so happy with the recent updates in the office. I've learned that the management made some changes regarding our Quality Productivity Bonus. I would not dig deep into this as this might violate the company policy but they have increased the rates of our bonuses. I know I had plans of resigning next year but because of these sudden changes in our pay, I am having second thoughts. Having that kind of increase in our QPB means like having 14th and 15th month pay! I love it! Well, I would most likely just ask to be transferred to our site in UP Science or in Commonwealth, closer to where I plan to get a house which is in Montalban Rizal. So much of future plans but as of this time, I'm a one happy gal. Sharing the good vibes with everyone - Myles.


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