Thursday, July 23, 2009


Wow! I really can't believe it! Almost everyday na this week, I've been having "tomaan sessions" with my bekis after naming magVGH (Voluntary Go Home). Since our TL approved the idea of letting us file for VGH if our scorecard is passing and if we are not late - I've been filing for one almost everyday na...and most of the time, naaapprove ang VGH ko 3 hours after my shift. Yahoo! For the longest time, we we're deprived of having VGH because of the call volume on our previous shift which is the last shift for the DSL LOB. Most of the time, Ice- my officemate/friend for the longest time was my usual companion.

Anyways, the first time it happened was last Friday, July 17. At exactly 12:30 am - SLT sent a chat message telling me that I could now go home! Believe me, that was the best chat session I've had since last year. I'm not used to get such a good news early on my shift and if I'll gonna do the mat, I only spent 2.5 hours working in the office. Ice also was sent home so what we did is we went to Banchetto (since it's already Saturday early morning) and decided to have a drink @ Gerry's Grill. We'll just gonna wait for the rest of the gang till 3:00 am (our usual lunch time) so we can still bond with them. We also saw Khim, our former teammate and had a pic taken with him as well. Check on our photos and see how happy we were to be given the time to bond like this. Alien!

hmmm...ano kaya ang iinumin ko?

San Mig Light na nga lang

My toma buddy - Nora

Pakalat kalat din si Khimbash sa Banchetto

With the team, makikipose lang sa Gerrys

I was kinda disappointed lang kasi I forgot the Lechon Kawali I purchased @ one of the stalls in Banchetto. Parang sobrang mahal din ng bill namin sa Gerrys P520 considering we only got 2 bottles of SMB, 2 rice and a sisig plate for P170. Hay, di bale na nga, sobrang nagenjoy naman kami. My hubby fetched me @ 4:30 am. Check for more after VGH gimik on my next posts...


Maricel said...

Hiya! I was here! :) blog roll visit time! ^_^

Sa Raffles ka po ba? Dun po kasi ako dati... Although our company transferred to Cubao na ngayon...

Maricel --- Momhood


emotera said...

ay hindi, sa me robinsons equitable kami. thanks for the visit maricel!

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