Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well, I came to the office at around 3am and I've seen no familiar faces at all. Most likely because I do have the earliest shift in the team which starts at 3:15 am. I just sat on the first available station I've found and got ready to take calls. I was surprised to know that there are is about 15 mins avail time. Wow! I really miss those times when we had ample avail to still have time to chat and bond with our friends thru quickcomm. It's just so happen that lately, things are getting complicated at the office. As I mentioned on my previous posts - the company requires us to comply with all the rules they had recently organized (which most are really not feasible) and would immediately give you DA's if you don't comply. For me, they should have at least asked their employees what they feel regarding such issues before they implement it. There should be at least a dialogue between employees and management to straighten things up. I don't know, I guess we really have no choice. It's the price we have to pay for beeing at the end of the "corporate food chain". Well, I have 2 more years left to endure being an employee and after that - I'm outa here! Hopefully I can manage to save at least ten thousand pesos a month beginning next month so I could finally say goodbye to the corporate world and be my own boss. If it's God's will - it would be done. I hope it would be sooner.


Maricel said...

Hiya! I was here! :) blog roll visit time! ^_^

Wow 2 years and you're out of call center... I guess it would be feasible since you're don't have a family to raise unlike me. >_<

Hmmm ten thousand pesos a month would be nice savings! Todo tipid lang. :)

Maricel --- Momhood Moments

emotera said...

hey maricel, well yup. It's my final decision. I plan to be a work at home professional and I'm trying to save as much as I could from my salary so I could put up my own homebased business someday. Thanks for adding me!

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