Saturday, July 9, 2011


There has been a scheme in our company where we do upsell for higher technical support for any issues our callers have for their computers, third party routers and any other products the company doesn't support for a fee. At first, I was quite hesitant to do that. We are not trained for sales talk and our job contract clearly says that we are to provide technical support to our callers, not offer any additional products other than what they have subscribed to. I really can't see myself offering a support to my callers for a fee, but just recently, after closing my first's not that bad at all. What's good about this upselling thing is that as of this time, we are not required to do that. If there is a chance to offer, then we have the option to upsell. We also get commissions from every successful "recommendation" we provide. And since my first sale, I started researching about the service we are offering to make sure that I could get proper recommendation to the customer. In that way, I would have the knowledge about the service which we are what they say, "you can't sell something that you don't know". Currently, I'm one of top sellers of the site and I'm happy with it. Not only did I provide better solutions for our members but I also have earned extra because of those successful referrals. Actually, because of this sales experience, I have realized something about myself. I guess, my passion is to sell. I'm happy whenever I sell something, even when I was young. Maybe the reason why I put up my store is because I love making money out of selling. I believe that everything happens for a reason, maybe the reason why this selling scheme in the company started is to unleash my potential in selling. Oh well, I will park that thought for now... I'll first try to get as many referrals as I can so I could save for my future business...who knows, I'll also be into a selling business someday too.


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