Saturday, June 6, 2009


1) You're having any problems, don't bring them to work. It's easy to get stressed out on a normal day at a call center, but if there's problems at home you'll find yourself treating customers poorly, so try not to stew on personal problems.

2) Always arrive a little bit early, this way you can gauge what the call volume will be like that day and prepare yourself if it's going to be busy.

3) Keep a pen and some paper nearby. Write down everything that isn't sensitive information. This way you won't have to ask customers to repeat themselves, and you can also reference this information even after the customer is gone. This helps eliminate customer hostility and keep you from having to call the customer back.

4) Walk the fine line between friendliness and professionalism. Always adhere to your companies guidelines for professionalism, but try and add personal touches to your call like using the customer's first name.

5) Avoid dead air when you have a customer on the line. Dead air often makes people uncomfortable, and this will make your job harder.

6) Relax, if you have a bad call close your eyes, breath, and calm yourself down. Don't ruin your next call because of a difficult customer.

7) Remember that you wouldn't have a job without customers, try to avoid complaining
about them and instead focus on why you need them.


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