Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mga Dakilang Manggagawa

Hi everyone! I hope my readers are in good shape and is not greatly affected by typhoon Ondoy. If you happen to be a victim, I'm sorry for you loss but I pray you'll be able to fully recover from this tragedy soon. I pray that God would comft you and give you the desires of your heart very soon.

Fortunately for me and my family, we were spared of Ondoy's rage. Though my mom is living in Montalban Rizal which is one of the most greatly affected areas - our village is safe as it is situated on an almost vertically inclined hill. My dad who is living in Sta Mesa Manila was also spared as they are also living in a higher part of the area. Our house, located in Proj. 8 QC was also not affected. Maybe because we were situated inside a compound on a higher ground. The tropical storm Ondoy did not really made an adverse effect on our properties, in fact, I was able to manager to go to work Saturday night, the night when almost 80% of the whole Manila area was submerged in flood.

Only 3 of us - Sam, Ice and I - were present the night it all happened. Out of 11 people, only 3 of us was able to find courage to make sure we can still go on our shift. There were rumors early that night that the site would close down at 12 mn but that did not transpired. The company gave us 2 full meals as a thank you gift for showing up for work and for making an effort to go to the office. Here are some of our pics taken @ the office the night Ortigas became a ghost town due to Ondoy's flood.

sam- taga PATEROS, naligtas

MIMI - taga MUNOZ, ligtas at ICE - taga BINANGONAN, lubog na lahat ng daraanan sa tubig pumasok pa rin tsk tsk

walang pumasok, empty workstations...

lumabas kami para magpahangin...walang katao tao sa used to be crowded place sa tapat ng building...

uwian na! ice di alam kung pano uuwi kaya humihikbi...nakauwi naman daw sya sa Binangonan after 5 hours

Sam, Ice and I are very fortunate to make it to the office safely - but the rest of our teammates were really hit by the storm really hard. I just hope they could manage to go on with their lives and have enough drive to start again. There's indeed a higher purpose behind all this and though were not able to grasp the reason why it happened, I know in due time it will made known to us. To those people who did not experience such tragedy, there is a reason why we were spared by the storm. Most of the people I know were affected by the flood and I know that the Philippines would never be the same after Ondoy. It made us realize so many things that we took for granted for the longest time.